A Background Story.

The Seed

Gather & Garner was founded by Eugenie Jolivett Fontana. Being in the creative world is a significant part of her life.  From her first play in primary school, being the lead singer of an Acid Jazz band, to establishing a design studio, the arts never seem to stop calling her name. The “left side” of her brain has also calls to her. Which was often utilized during the first business she co-founded.  Her company worked within a wide range of industries and received awards from companies like Adobe® Systems.
Eugenie’s worked on projects outside of the interactive design arena, which involved the curation of gallery exhibitions and events. After devoting her time in Fontana Studios, as well as continuing to develop her own creative ventures, she has created Gather & Garner to share her knowledge (along side with other professionals, creatives, and makers). This is an opportunity to support and collaborate with one another from multiple disciplinaries/ backgrounds and unleash your potential.