Voyagers Series: 503 : Antler Gallery

Voyagers Series: 503 : Antler Gallery
October 13, 2015 Chalkboard

Susannah Kelly and Neil Perry.
Antler Gallery

In nature an antler is the perfect blend of form and function, used simultaneously for display and task. As a reflection of this we showcase both the highest caliber contemporary art and innovative handmade craft from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. This space is our way of preserving the creative nature of the Alberta Arts District.

-founders Susannah Kelly and Neil Perry.



5 words to pulling off a stress-free collaboration.

Keep beer cold and plentiful.

What was or has been the best piece of business advice you were given?

You are your own best ambassador. One of our good friends owns a prominent Portland business and she has helped us with her expertise on countless occasions, but this piece sticks the most. Be kind to people, and help them feel like a part of what you are doing because they are. Without your community you are nothing.


Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

We are gatherers! We don’t see what we are searching for as a conquest, but something incredible to share with our tribe!

What is your unfavorable home or business task?

Packaging and shipping – we even hand delivered work to Thailand to avoid dealing with FedEx!


Favorite place to take an out of town guests?

The Columbia River Gorge, beautiful vistas and hikes, plus incredible bird watching. There’s nothing like watching Osprey catching fish in the river!