Voyagers Series: 503 : Piano.Push.Play.

Voyagers Series: 503 : Piano.Push.Play.
June 7, 2016 Chalkboard

Megan McGeorge.

Piano! Push Play! is on a mission to make pianos available to anyone who wants to play them. We work with local piano companies to rescue old pianos that are still in great shape. Every summer, we put pianos out on the sidewalk and let anyone who wants to, enjoy the experience of making music. Experienced musicians and passersby alike help create music in a public space. When summer is over, we place those pianos in schools and community centers for everyone to play all year long. 


What do you consider the most important trait of a leader

I think great leaders have the ability to dream big while also being able to discern the step-by-step actions it will take to bring that vision into reality. I admire people that conceptualize incredible ideas but I’m always more inspired and impressed by those that have been able to consistently take their ideas into the real world. While there is a lot one person can do on their own, the more any artist/leader grows the more they need to build a solid team around them to help fulfill their vision. Leaders that can collaborate/listen to others around them, multi-task, make day to day decisions AND remember the big aesthetic picture, plus be completely willing to get down and WORK HARD are leaders that I take notes from.

LONG ANSWER I KNOW….but I think there is definitely more than one trait to a great leader…..

so perhaps Multi-tasking and Hard Work are at the heart of it.


What has been exciting, strange, or familiar about the project?

The strange AND exciting thing about this project is how quickly so many conceptions about who is a musician or piano player have changed. In the beginning when it was just me and my friends from music school playing for people I don’t think any of us would have thought that so many strangers know how to play and play well. I knew my friends could play amazing piano music of every genre and era but as soon as we started placing pianos over the city and letting the public play the amount of talent, skill and passion from everybody who sat down has been incredible. We put a piano out on the street this summer and it hadn’t even been there 2 minutes before this group of teenage boys were skating along and one of them stopped, sat down and started playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise.  After almost every Friday night concert we had at the Art Museum this summer as soon as it was finished someone from the park across the living in the park across the street (most often living there)  would come over and start to play the most beautiful music; sometimes an improvisation, a Rihanna song, the Beatles or even Chopin BUT always you could sense the emotion/passion/joy from whomever was playing and to see that kind of moment over and over makes me so proud to have a hand in making it all happen.

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

The longer I work on this project and my other creative ventures the more collaborative they all become. So in essence I view that as gathering like-minded folks together to create something better, more multi-facated and engaging than anything I could come up with on my own. I guess I’m a gatherer.

What do you find most challenging?

What I find most challenging at the moment is letting go of certain tasks and delegating them to others. I’m so used to doing everything myself that now that is has become immanent to scale up the project and bring in more people I have to learn to trust others to do certain things. 

What is on your todo or bucket list

On my todo list would be to travel more. I’ve been so focused on this project for the few years that I haven’t made it out of the States in a while, something I used to do frequently. I love the curiosity and intensity that comes from experiencing a new city/country. I always return with a renewed energy to explore my own homebase.